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When they say that feminism should be about equality but feminists only cater to women,

what they are really saying is “why isn’t this a movement about white men?”

I think many people fail to realize that modern and intersectional feminism focuses on MANY different oppressed groups, including the transgender community, LGBTQIA+ community, the disabled, & POC.

Even the troll feminists and TERFs online are commonly called out by their intersectional counterparts. If you haven’t witnessed this, you probably haven’t been paying enough attention.

It’s really not about being equal. It’s about continuing the fight against oppression that still surrounds us today. I don’t want to be equal to white men. That would mean that my gender would have to oppress the other for centuries. And as a white woman, I want white privilege and the oppression of all POC to STOP as well.

So get the fuck out of my face with, “feminists should be fighting for equality, and that’s called egalitarianism” and “so when can men start hitting women?”

If you believe that, then you really are on the complacent side of oppression.